The majority of women can be offered menopause advice and HRT from their GP and do not need to see a specialist.Have a look at the useful websites I have listed to inform yourself and help decision making before you see your GP.There are many GPs in Northern Ireland offering excellent menopause care and support .There are also dedicated women’s health GP services in each trust in Northern Ireland that your GP can refer you to and these usually have reasonable waiting times.

Unfortunately due to personal reasons I will not be offering consultations for several months and can not have a waiting list.Other options are to have a consultation with Dr Lisa Nelligan, a Kingsbridge GP who specialise in menopause and women’s health or Dr Karen McKinney,Consultant Gynaecologist at Kingsbridge.

There is also my NHS colleague Dr Joanne McManus, also a British Menopause Society Menopause Specialist who offers private consultations at Medical Associates.


The good news is most combined HRT preparations including patches and tablets are finally available again!
Ask your GP /pharmacist to switch you back if you have not been happy with an alternative.

There are ongoing shortages of oestrogen gel both Oestrogel and Sandrena due to increased demand and supply/delivery issues.
Please see latest update from the British Menopause Society

British Menopause Society response to Davina documentary May 2022

Twitter poster selfie to support the lovely ladies at #KnowYourMenopause #pausitivity- raising menopause awareness with these great posters.Download at