The Maypole Menopause Clinic

I  introduced the first dedicated private menopause clinic in Northern  Ireland in 2019,offering women comprehensive menopause assessment and treatment.
There are many myths and misconceptions about menopause and Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) Many women want more detailed discussion around this than can be offered in a busy GP surgery and are confused about the hype around HRT on social media.
With female life expectancy increasing many women will live up to a third of their life after the menopause and deserve good quality of life.The benefits of HRT outweigh perceived risks for the majority of women.HRT is recommended for women becoming menopausal under 45 but is not essential for all women who go through menopause around the average age, unless symptoms are troublesome.
Symptoms vary and some lucky women have none or very manageable symptoms that settle with time.HRT does not necessarily help with all symptoms as many are non-specific and unrelated to menopause.

I offer relaxed thirty minute consultations including detailed medical history, symptom and lifestyle assessment, discussion on risks/benefits of treatments. Body mass index assessment and blood pressure measurement is included.
If, after discussion HRT is indicated,I will recommend the most suitable treatment options within recommended regimes and NICE/British Menopause Society guidelines.I do not support the use of unlicenced bio-identical preparations or higher than recommended doses of hormones.

Several GPs and Gynaecologists are also now offering menopause consultations through Kingsbridge , however we work completely independently.
If you have previously attended someone else and want to see me then you need to book a new patient appointment. Please contact KPH for  availability and fees.

PLEASE NOTE:Gynaecological examination, blood tests or ultrasound scans are not included.
If you have gynaecological symptoms requiring assessment please see a general gynaecologist as my clinic is for menopause/HRT advice only. I do not offer private contraceptive advice or coil/implant procedures.

Review appointments are not essential but are available on request (15 minute appointment).
After your consultation, you and your GP will receive a detailed letter with advice and suggesting appropriate management/treatment options.
Further free advice via KPH email/phone queries is not available or included-if further advice is requested then a review appointment should be made.

As menopause is considered a natural part of life it is not covered by private health insurance. 

Dr Kirk is not registered with any insurance company.